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*Chuks Ugbekile

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By Chuks Ogbekile
It will be unfair and inhumane to expect a Monkey to compete with Fish in a swimming competition, same with expecting a Fish to compete in jumping from one tree to the other with the Monkey. While the Fish has an unfair advantage over the Monkey in swimming, the same way the Monkey has unfair advantage over the Fish in jumping from one tree to the other.

Unfortunately, this is what some individuals as Brands and Businesses have found themselves-competing with those they either have an unfair advantage over or those who have over them.
The animal kingdom will be a more fulfilled place when the Fish improves its swimming skills and the Monkey its jumping skills.
“Oh Man. know thyself”.
The best effort outside your purposes ends in struggles. A time comes inferiority complex begins to set in.
The reason why we struggle with insecurity, complexes, self-doubt, and self-pity to the point of tears in desperation has its roots in comparing ourselves with others who are different but not necessarily better as we believe.
Stop comparing yourself with others and focus on how you can become the best version of yourself.
In the words of Jay ShettyThe slowest road to success is when you are comparing yourself to others.
In the light of the foregoing understanding, you as a Brand or the corporate individual you manage as your Business can optimize your value creation or offering capable of winning a lion share of the market without tears. How?
1. Leverage on Talents or Skills you have an unfair advantage. Every one of us has something we can outdo others on in our environment. Writing skills, oratory skills, athletics skills, leadership skills, money management skills, communication skills, etc.
Imagine bringing a world-class Footballer to compete with some of the Nigerian renown Comedians to compete in comedy or football. Skill deficiency will make the great footballer look foolish as a comedian and vice-versa. Even the closeness of football to sprinting could not grant Usain Bolt that leverage yet in his recent attempts as a professional Footballer. He still has not been able to measure up with the below-average Professional Footballers. Whereas, he can still shine as a Professional Sprinter.
Many are struggling in Business because that is not where their competitive advantage is. Some readers here will do well as Entrepreneurs but has been held down by the so-called “job security”.
Just as the rod in Moses’s hand, every one of us has within our reach what it will take to subdue our challenges and rise to stardom.
2. Sharpen your Talents/Skills to create values. Your talent is potential until you begin to deploy it to better your world. Package and present it in such a way that it will attract a revisit from customers who will also inform others about it. You will be great and wealthy when you benefit good enough people with your skills. Wealth flows towards value.
3. Endeavor to be known in your niche market. Present your value created as an offer to your niche market. In my Book: The Price for the Prize, I did mention that Usain Bolt is the fasted man discovered. That suggests that there are some out there who are blinking in the dark. Some talents or skills are not benefiting our world because they are like candles lit and put under the bushel. Make it a priority to bring your talents to the limelight. Be your own cheerleader.
4. Continuous innovation. Always keep looking for a way to improve on your yesterday output. Put on the attitude believes there is always a way to do it better. It is the foundation of continuous innovation. I have met clients who come telling me they don’t know what business to go into. Please, look at Businesses around you and improve on the way it is being done. Existing products in existing markets are will still do well if added value and differentiation is added to the existing products. Do the same thing differently and offer it with quality unforgettable customer experience, the market will welcome you cheerfully. Be end-user conscious in your business adventures.
Start building a successful business now. Stop procrastinating.
Am available for further consultations.
*Ogbekile, Entrepreneur & Entrepreneurial Life Coach, lives in Lagos
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