Opinion: Ribadu’s Dance of Shame

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By Azuh Amatus
Sincerely, I never wanted to comment or dabble into discussions surrounding the recent defection of former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, from the All Progressives Congress (APC) to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
Truth is, I’m not a fan of Ribadu, but hugely applauded his courageous exploits in the past as EFCC boss.
Besides, I’m also not a card carrying member of both the PDP and APC.
However, I changed my mind after angrily reading the disappointing and inglorious reasons, Ribadu adduced and justified as his main reasons for jumping ship, while reacting through his spokesman, Abdulaziz Abdulaziz.
Even though, Ribadu is a professional in politics, I never expected him to come up with such lame and laughable excuse, which has firmly put him in the mould of typical Nigerian politicians.
Ribadu, who was the 2011 presidential candidate of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria, forerunner of the APC, while justifying his selfish reasons said there, was no difference between the PDP and APC, in terms of the character of the people who constituted both parties.
Is our pious Mallam Ribadu just knowing that now?
Sadly, another fact is that no matter how polished, pious or urbane they look or pretend to look, most Nigerian politicians are like dogs and derive joy in going back to their vomits.
And now that Ribadu has joined political heavyweights like Atiku Abubakar, Olagunsoye Oyinlola, Ali Modu Sherif, Rabiu Kwankwaso, Bukola Saraki, Demola Seriki, T.A Orji, Isiaka Adeleke, Orji Uzor Kalu and several others in changing political parties the way nursing mothers change their babies’ diapers, how does he want us to see and judge him?
Shockingly, this is not the Ribadu that millions of Nigerians once hailed and applauded for being a rare and exemplary Nigerian.
He has lost it and must watch it before it deteriorates and consumes him. My opinion!
In fact, he bungled it when he joined partisan politics and started romancing and hobnobbing openly with most of those he earlier accused of looting our nation blind while in office. I vividly remember Ribadu describing the PDP then as a ‘den of thieves.’
Hear Ribadu’s rabble rousing while trying to canonize his defection:
“In Nigeria, especially in politics, you can’t say that this is an exclusive party for the people who are thieves or this is for good people.
It’s just like saying that all Yorubas are this or all Igbos are this. In every group of people, there must be good people and there are bad people. Of course, the good may be more than the bad or the bad may be more than the good in any group.
But there is no any party that is exclusively for the good people or for the bad people.”
Ribadu should please preach the above sermon to kindergarten kids and desist from further disgracing himself in the eyes of Nigerians who already know his selfish reasons for defecting and joining the inglorious league of Nigerian Association of Political Party Defectors (NAPPAD).
Fellow Nigerians, listen carefully to Saint Ribadu again: “It is not true that he (Ribadu) was desperate to realise his political ambition. This is because this decision was taken in the overriding interest of serving the people. What matters for him is service.”
Enough of this cock and bull story that has become a cliché in the mouths of our politicians.
Does Ribadu think we are fools or scumbags? Why feed us with lies and deception when it is already clear that the chief reason for your defection was the sheer desperation to achieve your long and over-due political ambition. Agreed that no Nigerian has the right to deny or begrudge you of the right to contest for an elective position as long as you are qualified constitutionally.
But where I take offence and totally disagree with Ribadu is the way and manner he politically polished, painted and packaged his defection speech to make it look like service to father land was his objective for dumping a party that once presented him as their presidential candidate.
If the above statements were made by our typical politicians, especially the unrepentant NAPPAD members, I would not have raised an eye brow. But coming from our (once) highly revered Ribadu, I’m disappointed and equally demanding an unreserved apology from him, for dancing shamelessly in the market square.
Ribadu glaringly showed his true colour by rushing to pick the nomination form of the PDP ahead of the October 11 governorship election in Adamawa State, a few days ago.
I want to remind Ribadu what Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.”
Get me right, I’m not against Ribadu contesting or jumping from one party to another, never!
My anger is the way and manner Ribadu lied about his defection.
As straight forward as Ribadu claims to be, sincerely, I would have hailed and showered encomiums and accolades on Ribadu, if he had come out to tell his teeming fans that he was dumping his once loved APC and going back to his vomit (PDP), just to realize his governorship ambition.
But coming to dribble us like IBB with deceptive words, when he is aware we know his reasons for defecting is a huge insult on our collective psyche. He should not have associated himself with such hypocritical statements.
The Ribadu we knew under Obasanjo does not dance and drum around words. He calls a spade by its name, which was why he kept on reeling out names of governors that stole their states blind, while he held sway as EFCC boss.
So why is he letting us down now that he desperately wants to become the next governor of Adamawa after Nyako’s disgraceful ouster?
Come on Ribadu, be a man and state it clearly that you dumped APC for PDP, because the former will never allow you realize your desperate political ambition, unlike the latter, which looks very sure.
At least, it was widely reported that some of the leading names in Jonathan’s cabinet like Okonjo Iwe-ala, Adamu Muazu and Hassan Tukur had already approached and lured you into their fold with juicy offers.
Alhaji Nuhu Ribadu, please when next you want to make political statements that are germane to your personal interests and gains, don’t hide under the cloak or banner of national service and patriotism to deliver your garnished and jaundiced message. Be bold like you were in the past in doing that. Looking for excuses, preaching boring sermons and reminding us that all political parties have both good and bad characters are not the moon light tales we want to be inundated with in this political dispensation.
You should also learn from the immortal words of revered US president, George Washington that: “It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.”
Be real and go straight to the point. By so doing, you earn more of our respect, but repeating those lines that have never done our nation any good like, “serving the people and service being what matters most,” are satanic sentences we the aggrieved, angered and angry people of Nigeria do not want to hear from you again.
All the best as you run back to your vomit all in a desperate bid to rule your home state, Adamawa.
And as usual, I will be anxiously waiting for reactions and head butts from your hirelings and hatchet men.
Azuh Amatus, is a journalist, newspaper editor, blogger and member, Nigerian Guild of Editors (NGE), he wrote via azuhamtus@yahoo.com

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