OPINION | Why Nigeria Must Pray for Buhari to be Alive Beyond 2023, By Vincent Egunyanga

*The Miracle 2023!
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A lot is still happening in Nigeria as the nation grapples with insecurity. Despite the security challenges the race for the 2023 Presidency hots up and it is already contributing to the insecurity we are having in the country.

There is still confusion as to which zone should produce the next Presidency of the country after the tenure of President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Ordinarily one would have thought the position should be zoned to the South East geopolitical zone. The zone that is yet to produce the Presidency since 1999.

The South-west has had it under Olusegun Obasanjo, the North West has had it under Musa Yar Adua, the South South has had it under Goodluck Jonathan while the North West is still having with Muhammadu Buhari.

So if the Presidency should come down to the South it should naturally be given to the South-east.

The biggest obstacle to the South-east having the Presidency in the zone  is the South-east themselves. I will not delve into why they are their own problem.

Apart from the South-east, the next big problem for the zone’s actualization of Presidency in 2023 is the South-west. The South-west has had the Presidency for 16 years since 1999. Eight years of Obasanjo as the President and eight years of Yemi Osinbajo as the Vice President.

But the South-west is the most clever zone in the country today. Some say it is the most sophisticated or most diplomatic in the country. I don’t know about that but I know that the South West know more about the power of the Media more than any other zone in the country and they are deploying it to the fullest.

Just recently a frontline politician from the South West Dr Doyin Okupe told the Igbos that the North will never support an Igbo man for the President, this he said was because the North was yet to forgive the Igbo for killing former Premier of the Northern Region Sir Ahmadu Bello. This is far from the truth. Many Igbos were angry with the statement which further increased their verbal attack on the North.

Sometime ago I went to Sokoto state to cover a workshop organized by the North West zone of the Independent National Electoral Commission ( INEC). Most of the markets there were occupied by Igbos, even the motor park was dominated by Igbos. I went to the Catholic Cathedral and I saw the place where Rev Fr Bob former Cathedral Administrator was buried inside the church. Fr Bob an Igbo priest was until his death from Ideato Local Govt Area of Imo state.

I wanted to drink bear. There was no where to drink beer in Sokoto except Army barracks. I took Okada (commercial motor cycle) to Army barracks and discovered that more than half of the people dealing on Alcohol are from the South East. In 1979, A Sokoto man Alhaji Shehu Shagari picked an Igbo man Dr Alex Ekweme as his running mate for the Presidency of Nigeria .

Ekweme would have succeeded Shagari but for Muhammadu Buhari’s coup sponsored by Chief MKO Abiola a Yoruba man.

The North has nothing against Igboman in Nigeria, they have moved on since the murder of Ahmadu Bello. Igbos are well established in the North. Even in Kano Igbo are among the dominant group.

In 2003 PDP Primaries. Ekwueme contested the primaries against Obasanjo. Ekwueme got about 800 votes, most of those votes came from the North, especially from his former colleagues in the then NPN, Even the East did not vote for him. Anambra voted for Obasanjo.

The second biggest obstacle to Igbo Presidency is the South West. They are not ready to step down for the South East even when they had tasted power. By 2023 power may shift back to the South. And the South West is bent on taking the slot, by whatever means including sponsoring some renegade Igbos to start championing Biafra course.

But the South West has added a new dimension to the struggle. Their Native Doctor of Alfa has told them that President Buhari may not last beyond 2022. So their quickest way to the Presidency is the death of Buhari before 2023.

But there is an amendment to the constitution of Nigeria. That when a President died in office, the Vice President will complete his tenure but the Vice will not seek re election after completing the tenure of the President. With this in mind the South West believe this amendment was done to exclude them especially Professor Yemi Osinbajo from seeking re election in 2023 after completing Buhari’s tenure.

All these noise about Oduduwa Republic is nothing but to blackmail the North not to try stopping them from succeeding Buhari. The way the North was blackmailed into handing over power to them through Obasanjo in 1999.

So no matter how much we dislike Buhari, we should continue to pray for him to live beyond 2023, so that we can have a peaceful transition.

We all know how Obasanjo and Jonathan became the President of Nigeria. It was all by accident. Jonathan became President when His former boss Musa YarAdua died. Obasanjo became the President from prison. This was because of the pressure from the South West on the North to explain why Abiola was not sworn in as President after winning the June 12th 1993 Presidential election. So that an Igbo man has not been made President has nothing to do with the murder of Ahmadu Bello.

NOW about the current Security challenges in the country especially the Boko Haram and the Herdsmen attack, the North is at war with themselves. It’s a war between the Kanuris (BOKO HARAM) and the Fulani ( killer herdsmen).

That the war is creating insecurity in the country is because they have taken the battle to all parts of the country. The North West is complaining of bandits attack, the North East is complaining of the attack in their Region. Even the middle belt is complaining, including a former Chief of Army and Buhar’s senior in the Army Gen Theophilus Danjuma, the South West is complaining, the South South is complaining. It is not limited to the South East and so I urge the South East people to cool down.. This too shall pass away.

The current bloodbath in the South East by the IPOB Or ESN etc is uncalled for. You may get all the media attention now, but ultimately you will be the main looser. You will kill your people, destroy your infrastructure but worse still destroy the economy of the region. Investors will pull out and many of your people will also relocate to other parts of the country, if they are welcomed.

Learn from the outcome of the militancy in the Niger Delta. Yes, they got the Presidency by Luck when Yar Adua died, they got NDDC, AMNESTY PROGRAMME, BUILT 27 STORY LOCAL CONTENT BUILDING IN BAYELSA STATE. But at the end of the day poverty has returned to the region. All the oil companies in the region have relocated to Lagos because of the insecurity. So South West are the biggest beneficiaries of the militancy in the Niger Delta. The AMNESTY PROGRAMME is already stopped by Buhari, the NDDC is now a bank for sponsoring failed politicians for election, etc.

Poverty has returned to the Niger Delta, kidnapping has returned, cult war is now order of the day, oil spillage has returned, East/West road abandoned, Ogoni cleanup has been abandoned etc. STOP THE MADNESS NOW.

*Egunyanga is the Publisher/ Editor In Chief NEWSPLATFORM MEDIA.

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