Ozoro Monarch: I Have No Acrimony with Anybody in My Domain  

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By Nosa Akenzua in Asaba                 

Ozoro’s monarch, HRM Anthony Ogbogbo, Ibuka l, has reassured his subjects and everyone resident in the kingdom of his continued love and protection.

Ogbogbo spoke to our correspondent through his spokesman, Mr. Nicholas Areh, the president general of the community in Ozoro on Tuesday.

The King spoke on the heels of the unease in Isume Royal House – one of the families in Ozoro virtue of the rotation system of selecting a king – over his alleged refusal to grant permission to the Royal House to carry out a burial rite, traditionally crucial to the funeral of a deceased prince from the Royal House.

The funeral rite has to do with bringing into town a hand-carved coffin, befitting the burial of a prince of Ozoro kingdom, a tradition which has been observed for over seven centuries when the Ozoro monarchy was firmly established.

But the king clarified that all that he did was to tell the Isume Royal House that they have the right to bury their prince according to the dictates of tradition, but not without co-operating with him to resolve some lingering issues that had robbed the family of peace and brotherly love for some time now.

“Isume Royal House has the right to bury our prince according to tradition. But there has been lingering issues that have robbed the family of its enviable brotherly love.

“I would like to resolve these issues so that everybody can be happy with one another again. After this, our prince can be buried beautifully.

“Maybe, those complainants are doing so because they think the peace I am building is taking too long a time.

“Well, peace-building do take quite some time”, HRM Ogbogbo, clarified through his spokesman.

The monarch called on all residents, both indigenes and sojourners, to continue to live in peace daily, since no meaningful development can be achieved in an environment of discord and acrimony.

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