PDPPCO’s Statement on Saturday’s Planned Demonstration by the #BringBackOurGirls Group in Abuja…

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“It has been brought to our attention that the Bring Back Our Girls group is planning to stage a demonstration at Unity Fountain, Abuja tomorrow (Saturday).
Ordinarily this would have been a laudable event because all of us want the Chibok girls to be freed and brought back home. However the demonstration will not stop there.
“The intention of the organisers is to also call for the resignation of the Service Chiefs and it is a subtle attempt to stir up indiscipline, strife, rebellion, dissention and discord within the rank and file of the Nigerian Armed Forces.
“If they go ahead and do this it will not only be a grave insult to the memories of those young men and women of the Nigerian Armed Forces that have sacrificed their lives and that have been martyred in the fight against terror and Boko Haram in the last three years but it will also prove the fact that the Bring Back Our Girls group has a different agenda to that which they profess.
“A call on the Service Chiefs to resign at this point in time when we are in the middle of a war and in the heat of battle is not only grossly irresponsible but it is also dangerous and it would be counter-productive. It would have been more productive for Nigeria and more helpful to the plight of the Chibok girls if the Bring Back Our Girls organisation had encouraged our Armed Forces to do an even better job than they are already doing at the war front by commending their gallant efforts and noble sacrifice and urging them to stand firm and to do more.
“We should not be throwing stones and hurling bricks at our soldiers whilst we are in the middle of a war. Worse still tomorrow’s demonstration by the Bring Back Our Girls group is being wholly and completely funded by the APC and it’s leaders who see it as yet another opportunity to play politics with the sorry plight and terrible misfortunes of the Chibok girls and use it as an  opportunity to discredit the President, the Government and the Armed Forces before the Nigerian people and the international community.
“We all want our girls brought back home safely but that does not mean that we should not accept the fact that our security forces are doing their best and making the necessary sacrifices. To stab them in the back at this point, despite their efforts, is unpatriotic,  insensitive and uncharitable and it provides ample evidence of a sinister and unwholesome agenda on the part of the organisers of the demonstration and their financial backers and sponsors.
“Many of our troops have been killed trying to save those girls and whilst they were fighting terror and sadly they will continue to do so. They have never complained because they consider it an  honor to fight the enemy and die for their fatherland. We should honor them and encourage them for their sacrifice and commitment rather than continue to rubbish their efforts and bring them into opprobium and disrepute before the entire world.
“Bringing the Chibok girls back home remains one of this administration’s cardinal objectives and the suggestion that the President is insincere in this matter or that he lacks the commitment to do what he has to do to effect their rescue and release is absurd and baseless. The truth is that the APC are far more familiar with the ways and manner of Boko Haram than the PDP because they have strong links with them and they have much in common given the violent streak that both organisations constantly manifest.
” Worse still some key leaders of the APC not only objected to the proscription of Boko Haram by the Federal Government last year but their Presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, has also openly identified with a number of their core principles and objectives one of which is the spreading of sharia law throughout the country.
Buhari also once said that an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North.
“If anyone knows where the Chibok girls are it is Buhari because he has a soft spot for Boko Haram. They also have a soft spot for Buhari because they once nominated him as their spokesperson and chief negotiator when the idea of negotiation with the Federal Government was mooted two years ago.
“If the Bring Back Our Girls group are as sincere in their quest for the release of the Chibok girls as they claim they should ask Buhari to tell his friends in Boko Haram to effect their immediate release.
That would be far more productive than lampooning the President or calling for the resignation of our Service Chiefs.
“These people should stop attempting to disgrace Nigeria and they should join hands with the rest of the civilised world by condemning Boko Haram openly and by encouraging our soldiers to continue to fight the good fight.”
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