Peter Obi Tasks Nigerian Leaders on Transparency, Accountability as Africa Marks Anti-corruption Day

*Mr. Peter Obi, immediate-past governor of Anambra State and VP candidate in 2019 election in Nigeria.

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By Our Correspondent

Vice Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 election, Mr Peter Obi, has called on Nigerian leaders to imbibe the good virtues of accountability and transparency in public office.

Obi, who made the call to mark the 4th African Anti-Corruption Day , said it was time the country broke the ugly culture of corruption that has continued to destroy the true values upon which political responsibility and public accountability are built.

Obi,  in a statement by his Media Office, lamented the current trend of public office holders being associated with all kinds of corrupt charges during and after their tenures. He advised that the best way to avoid such allegations of corruption, looting and re-looting, is for one to live up to his responsibility with every sense of public decency, transparency and accountability.

Obi lamented the increasing cost of corruption bearing down on Nigeria’s economy ranging from borrowed funds not put into judicious use, revenues not properly accounted for to constant demands for kick-backs by public office holders.

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“Unless we tackle and fight off this menace, Nigeria will soon collapse under heavy weight of corruption,” Obi staid.

The African Anti-Corruption Day was first celebrated in Addis-Ababa on July 11, 2017.

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