Police Tips against Kidnapping…

*Know your surroundings well to detect strange faces.
*Install CCTV cameras at home or office to monitor movements of people around.
*Keep emergency numbers within reach at all times.
* Create speed dial numbers in your mobile phones in case you find yourself in difficult situations.
*Avoid giving out any personal information such as phone numbers and home addresses on social network, website or to unknown persons.
*Create a peep hole in your door where u can check-out visitors at your door before letting them in.
*Opt for clear glass windows to observe any person from a distance if you do not have a gate or fence, lock all doors at all time.
*Watch what and where you speak especially on the phone outside your house.
*Do not discuss financial matters within the hearing of domestic staff and neighbours.
*Inform only trusted neighbours of your movement out of town *Do not keep huge sums of money at home.
*Always ask for identity of persons who pose as utility staff, security officer before you open your door.

*Ensure all doors are locked.
*Make good use of your side and inner mirrors.
*Ensure that a reasonable gap is giving to vehicle in your front.
*When you observe a vehicle following you behind persistently give away, but when danger is anticipated drive to a safe place like a populated area.
*While driving close to your house and you notice unfamiliar faces around your premises keep moving and drive to a safe place.
*Observe the movement of persons while driving in and out of your home.

* Enter vehicle only at recognised motor packs.
*Do not board a vehicle with only a few passengers inside, they may be kidnappers.
*Avoid night journey except when it becomes necessary.
*Avoid lonely routes.

Distress call numbers…
*Commissioner of Police    08028913040
*2 i/c                08123827280
*DCP (Operation)        08166202333
*DC State CID          08036289547;  08081768791
*AC (Admin)        08081776923;  08034034345
*AC State CID          08035975219
*AC (Medical)          08035073372;  0803326646
*AC (Operation)          08081774232
*O/C Mopol 5          08033761677
*O/C Conflict Resolution 08037199694;  08127557770
*O/C Anti -kidnapping      08033332412
*O/C SIB              08058491658;  08036060867
*PPRO              08035870909
*2 i/c PPRO          08023595111
*O/C (Thunderstorm)      07034140590;  08123829146
*O/C (Communication)     08027475830;  08053843157
*O/C SARS              08086653309;  08035482540
*O/C Anti Robbery    08035054365
*O/C Central JWC      08035704715
*O/C Anti-Bomb          08036326576;  08123673637
*O/C SARS (Auchi)    08037719403
*O/C X-Squad          08020800769;  08034238546
*O/C Highway Patrol      08024753134;  07030624565
*O/C Anti-Human Trafficking Unit          08083024641

Benin Area Command:
*Benin            0806211992
*DPO St. Saviour          08033172939
*DPO Abudu          08123825175;  08033332412
*DPO Ugbowo          08078072805;  08081777438
*DPO Ugbor          08053327494
*DPO Oba Mkt        08028715326
*DPO Iguobazuwa    08060889631
*DPO New Etete          08034053493
*DPO Ologbo           08064220769
*DPO Aideyan          08023038315;  08032459602
*DPO Okhoro          08035624223
*DPO Adesuwa          08023614339
*DPO Ugbekun          080034300923
*DPO Evbotubu          08060389004;  08123827890
*DPO Airport          08066932440;  08126288160
*DPO Esigie            08037084376
*DPO Ugo              08077921651
*DPO New Benin          0835936368
*DPO Ekiadolor          08037460360
*DPO Iguelaba        08075377080
*DPO Textile Mill        08124815987;  08057654370
*DPO Ogida          07033152382
*DPO Ikpoba-Hill          08081772047
*DPO Ehor              08062995212
*DPO Okhuaihe          08065377570
*DPO Egba              08035011357
*DPO Okada          08036617428;  08078008827

Auchi Area Command:
Area Command (Auchi)  08123385977
*DPO Sabongida-Ora      08037180188
*DPO Okpella          0806390908
*DPO Ibillo              07067469914
*DPO Auchi            08028979432/08036721261
*DPO Igarra             08038657711
*DPO Aganebode      08180503898
*DPO Fugar            07032432426
*DPO Afuze            08139169264

Irrua Area Command:
*Area Command Auchi – 08057817704
*DPO Irrua              07060859188
*DPO Ekpoma          08033980247
*DPO Igueben          08033559357
*DPO Uromi          08033588985
*DPO Ewohimi          08036666636
*DPO Ubiaja –        08033892664

Control Room Emergency Numbers
*08037646272;  0807777372;  08123827225;  08056776365;  08067551618; and 080339402