Policeman Brutalises Journalist with Horsewhip at Lagos INEC Office

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An overzealous armed police officer, (names and service number withheld) Saturday descended on Mr. Peter Jones, Publisher of New Sentinel Online news medium for exchanging pleasantries with some friends outside the premises of the Lagos INEC office in Yaba.
The journalist, who was putting on INEC-accredited vest took permission from the police officers on duty and got their consent on whether to use a particular spot to ease himself  before he was asked to move a step forward.
 He however obeyed as directed but while returning, the policeman, whose identity was heavily shielded by his colleagues then questioned Peter Jones on why he had to discuss with the passersby after he had been allowed to step out to ease himself. Mr. Jones however told them that he was exchanging pleasantries with somebody he knows but the unruly policeman descended on him with horse whip.
“In my attempt to explain myself, the police rained abuses on me, and then brought out his horsewhip to whip me severally to the extent that blood was gushing on my face,” Jones explained to his concerned colleagues and higher police officers in pains.
 Meanwhile, the policeman has been arrested and put in the guard room even as several police officers surrounded the New Sentinel Publisher appealed to him for calm.
A source said that angry colleagues made several attempts to speak with the Lagos state commissioner of police but his phone was not going. At INEC office in Yaba, policemen formed groups discussing the matter in low tones even as they condemned the action of their over-zealous colleague.
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