Polls Show Half of U.S. Citizens Support Impeachment of Trump

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By Fatima Sule

No fewer than half of U.S. citizens believe President Donald Trump should be impeached, while 43 per cent oppose such a measure, according to a new poll from broadcaster CNN.
The poll also revealed a partisan bifurcation, which has persisted even after lawmakers held public hearings with key diplomats, who by and large pointed their fingers at the White House.
The poll said Trump’s team pressured Ukraine to dig up dirt on his political rival.
Independent voters were split, with some 47 per cent in favour and 45 per cent opposed to removing the president from office, something that has never happened in U.S. history.
FiveThirtyEight, a firm that amalgamates data from different polls, found that 83 per cent of the centre-left Democrats support impeachment, up from 71 per cent before the Ukraine scandal broke.
Among independents, the number went up from 33 per cent to 43 per cent.
Republicans are still largely supporting their president, with only 11 per cent in favour of removing Trump from office, a number which has only slightly edged higher since September.
While only a simple majority in the lower chamber, the House of Representatives, is needed to impeach a president, a two-thirds majority in the Senate is needed to remove the top elected official from the White House.
Democrats control the House, but Republicans have a majority in the upper chamber.
In the CNN poll, Trump had a 42 per cent approval rating, though it noted a sharp divergence between genders – 52 per cent of men approve versus 32 per cent of women.
Elections are due next November.

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