Presbyterian Prelate Congratulates Buhari, Urges Good Governance

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The Prelate and Moderator of the General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, Most Rev. Prof. Emele Mba Uka has charged Major-General Mohammad Buhari (retd) to ensure that his tenure as the next President of Nigeria, would usher in a new dawn and the birth of a new nation with an administration committed not to dictatorial rulership but to principled governance.
In a message of congratulations to the President-Elect whom he described as the “Abraham Lincoln of Nigeria,” the Prelate referred to General Buhari’s acceptance speech as the best “I have ever heard from our civilian/military rulers since my undergraduate days at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, when the first coup took place.

“I feel so encouraged by this acceptance speech that I no longer feel the threat of being Islamized or persecuted or denied my citizenship right to live and work in any part of this country. I pray that this in-coming administration shall put the scourge of Boko Haram’s suicide bombing of churches and mosques, motor parks and schools to rest. There will be no more fears of abductions of our school children and those that have been abducted shall now be brought back to their families to continue their schooling.

“I thank God for the firm promise of the President-Elect to treat every Nigerian as his own not as a stranger or an infidel. Afterall, we as Nigerians dwell in the same country, eat the same kind of food, drink the same water, breath the same air, wear similar dresses, trade in the same market and use the same currency, travel on the same planes, cars and buses. Our children attend the same schools, write the same examinations and obtain the same certificates. We intermarry across tribes and ethnicities as well as religions. All these form a stronger bond that ought to unite us much more than the abstract ones which often threaten to separate us. In a situation where the factors of life that unite us grossly surpass those that divide us, is there any wisdom in sacrificing unity and cooperation on the altar of conflict and unhealthy rivalry?

“Therefore, let all of us embrace peace and unity and eschew violence and let brotherly love continue. Let the government help us to enjoy the privileges of our corporate citizenship as Nigerians without any fear of molestation in any part of the country.
“This is what God requires of Nigerians and indeed from our leaders. It is on account of this that I consider the President-Elect, General Mohammed Buhari the Abraham Lincoln of Nigeria. Lincoln suffered many reverses in his bid to govern the United States of America. In 1860 he was finally elected the President of the United States. God honoured his persistence and granted him the sacred opportunity to govern at America’s most turbulent historic moment that called for the abolition of slave trade and slavery. Lincoln at great personal cost stood for the unity of the United States and by the grace of God he succeeded.”
Most Rev. Prof. Uka also commended the statesmanship of the incumbent President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in accepting defeat without resentment or rancour and for his humility in congratulating General Buhari even before the official announcement of the result by the Independent National Elections Commission, INEC.

He urged all Christians to uphold the in-coming administration of Mohammed Buhari in prayer “that our fear of being islamized will not come true.
“As Christians in Nigeria, most of us feared what would become of our faith if a Muslim, an avowed apostle of Sharia, a former Military dictator who flushed out all Christians from his Supreme Military Council, one who threatened that the monkey and the baboon will soak in their blood if he loses this election, one whose sympathy for Boko Haram seemed to be glaring, should become the President of our multi religious nation. Who says our fears were not genuine?
“But thanks be to God who answered our prayers for a peaceful and violent-free election, thank God for the fair weather He gave us that day in most places; thank God for permitting His will to prevail during the election not ours. He has answered our prayers by granting President Goodluck Jonathan the courage and strength of character to congratulate his opponent for clinching the victory at the polls.
We thank God for the peace that has prevailed throughout the country, following this charged presidential election.”

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