Pride – When God is Your Opponent… (l)

Pastor Luke Okoro.
*Pastor Luke Okoro.
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Opinion | The Sunday Conversation with Pastor Luke Okoro


Proverbs 3:34; 16:18 . 1 Peter 5:5. James 4:6.

“Pride goeth before destruction;and an haughty spirit before a fall” Proverbs 16:18.
“Surely, he scorneth the scorners, but he giveth grace unto the humble” Proverbs 3:34.

“Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up” James 4:10.

When human beings exhibit pride, they show the very essence of their inner self, their very being. They show who they are, and what they can do in a given environment.


Such people whether they speak, act, keep mum, dress, walk or engage in simple issues of life like giving help , rejecting to offer assistance, or do anything for that matter, will always show their prideful nature or disposition.


Pride leaks like a spilled oil. Very difficult to hide or manage. The surgery rests in the finished work of Calvary. Nothing less. We will deepen this angle as we progress.


And someone may ask: But what is pride?

Yes, pride goes with its neighbors namely arrogance and hubris. They represent an over estimation of one’s worth, one’s capacity and what and who one is before reasonable people.


Pride goes with boosting and self indulgence of one’s own pleasure, achievements or attainments in life. Pride is also regarded as Superbia, that is , a feeling of superiority hinged on unreasonableness and inordinate desire to out do others or to be heard before others.


The ambition to get the best of everything out of pridely right, not necessarily on merit or superior wisdom or grace or privilege. When you add hubris to pride, the victim becomes too over bearing and presumptuous, hence such a person emerges as an audacious arrogant, who considers oneself ahead of any other. Such a person becomes extremely discourteous.


We have taken time to examine what PRIDE is because it’s regarded as among the greatest sins BELIEVERS are saddled with in contemporary times.

As we converse, many top notch Christian leaders and acclaimed followers would hardly stoop for immortal and fleshly sins. Yet, watch them speak and act;; and you will wonder if God has given them extra grace to be so prideful, so arrogant and so hubristic?


Perhaps, such believers do not know the import of what the above quoted passages and several others mean before God. If they know, if they appreciate the weight of anger God has against PRIDE, nobody will tell them not to touch it– even with the longest of spoons.


The Bible says that God resists the proud. The proud is the person who exhibits pride. Therefore, what the Bible is saying is that a proud person has God to contend with.


The illustration is like playing a football game with God on the other side. When the proud person would wish to score, he meets a goal post defended by God Himself. Any attack he makes sees God pushing him back.


That is actually the fate of proud people. God is in the opposition against them. That was what happened to King Nebuchadnezzar in the book of Daniel, when he proclaimed himself the King of kings.


His Opponent, who is God — who made seasons and times – as Nebuchadnezzar gravely realized belatedly, sent him into the forest to chew weed for SEVEN years. (Daniel 4.).

There are several like him , which we are to deeply x-ray in course of the conversation. But, its important to note that the way of pride is the quickest means to self destruction. When you claim to be what you are not, apart from God opposing you, those who can help you will also find you ‘ un -help- able”.


As a child of God, you must be guided by your calling to be humble before God and before others. Indeed, to be a good representation of Jesus, our Master and Saviour, demands humility.


The Bible tells us in Philippians 2: 5, that we should have the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ typifies humility, lowliness before men and Meekness before God. Without humility of character, Jesus wouldn’t have gone to Calvary to save humankind. No proud person can do so for another person because pride claims superiority ahead of others.
But how can one know the Proud?

Apostle Peter tells us thus:
“Likewise, you younger, submit yourselves unto the elder. Yeah, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility; for God resists the proud and giveth grace to the humble”. (1 Peter 5:5.).

Yes it takes humility to obey instructions, especially when such instructions are coming from people you consider inferior, less educated, less endowed with wealth, capacity and even power or influence.

When you, as a child of God, begins to weigh your options before obeying biblical injunctions, your leaders or keep to your vows or rules of trust engagements, or attempting to circumvent established spiritual Landmarks, such a believer must watch it.


When pride sets in, believers are no longer rigorous on issues bordering on right living, care for others, personal integrity and spiritual discipline. To such believers self interest is what matters. Solomon tells us that pride goes before destruction. No doubt, Solomon stands a better chance to counsel us — current day believers.

But why do many more believers fall prey to this cancerous disease called PRIDE..
(We’ll continue in the next Conversation’,).
Thanks. God bless. Happy Sunday.


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September 12.

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