Prisons Service Denies Reported  Jail-Break at its Yola ‎Facilities

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The Nigerian Prisons Service (NPS) has denied a media report on an alleged attempted jail break by some convicted soldiers in Yola Prison, Adamawa State.


The spokesperson of the NPS, Mr. Ope Fatinukun, in a statement, said: “There was no pandemonium, commotion and no gun shots fired into the air in Yola Prison as reported by some media organisations.


“What really happened was arguments among inmates around 7.30 pm after prayers on Thursday, 27th November, 2014.The argument was quickly brought under control.”


Fatinukun further added that the Controller of the Adamawa State Prison Command, CP AS Ekijere, was in the Yola prison on 28th November 2014 for his fourth quarter visit to all prisons under his command between 8am and 3pm.


For legal and security reasons, the Prison spokesperson also urged the media to always use appropriate nomenclatures in describing the inmates. He said “Inmates can either be addressed as convicted inmates (CM) or Awaiting Trial inmates (ATI) rather than the derogatory words of incarcerated soldiers or civilians.”


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