Ra’ayi Initiative Canvasses Action against Police Corporal Who Raped Teenage Girl

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A harrowing story of the rape of a 14-year-old girl by a police corporal, Barau Garba, which has now gone viral in the social media, is a disturbing situation and cause for concern, Hamisu Gumel, Secretary of Ra’ayi Initiative, has said.

According to the story: Maryam Yusuf, who lives with her parents in Asaba, Delta State, got stranded in Onitsha where her parents sent her on an errand from Asaba on the 14th of October, 2017, after she lost her transport fare.

She was approached by the said Corporal Barau Garba from MOPOL 7 Sokoto State, with service number 275601, who was the on special duty in Anambra State and attached with Okpoko Police Divisional Headquarters, Onitsha.

Upon learning about the girl’s predicament, the randy policeman took advantage of her innocence and tricked her into believing he was going to help her. But instead of helping the girl get transport back to Asaba, he took her to a temporary police base, locked her up in his room and raped her repeatedly for six days until her vigina ruptured.

Maryam’s situation and whereabout came to the public knowledge after she was able to call her father using her abductor’s cellphone which she snatched when he was fast asleep in the middle of the night. And this led to her rescue from the captivity of the beast-like policeman. She was then admitted to a hospital where doctors confirmed she was serially raped and suffered virginal mutilation..

While it is appalling (and even frightening) that a police officer, who by law is supposed to protect the citizens, would be the one committing such a heinous crime, it is also more irritating to behold that the police authorities are treating the case with the kid’s globe by refusing to arrest and prosecute the peodephile policeman.

The disturbing story currently going round is that the DPO of Okpoko Division is shielding the accused and making desperate efforts to cover up the case, as he reportedly “admonished” the father of the victim to forgive her raper since they both are from the same region.

This crime and the similar ones being committed by the men in uniform against the citizens of this country is becoming alarming and is setting a dangerous trend where the police, perhaps because of their uniform and the arms they carry, harass, torture and even kill innocent citizens at will and with impunity.

We urge the Inspector General of Police to immediately order for a investigation of the matter and ensure the culprit is brought to face the wrath of the law, as sweeping the matter under the carpet would not augur well for the already battered image of the Nigeria Police and that of the country in general. We also call on relevant government agencies such as NAPTIP, National Human Rights Commission, and the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, the various human rights and Non Governmental Organizations in the country as well as the general public to rise to the occasion and ensure that the traumatised Maryam gets justice.

Ra’ayi Initiative for Human Development is a registered, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established with the objectives of offering humanitarian assistance and undertaking various developmental projects in the society.

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