Ramadan: Atiku Urges Muslims to Pray for Peace  

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As Muslims begin the  month-long fasting period, former Vice President Abubakar has called on them to pray for the peace of the country which has been facing the grimmest challenge with the monster of terrorism disrupting social and economic life of the people.


In a statement released by his media office in Abuja on Wednesday, the former Vice President said he was constantly saddened by the frequent explosion of conflicts and violence, which poses threat to the country’s peace.


According to Atiku, Muslim leaders should intensify efforts to eliminate the influence of extremists in the life of Muslims, calling on political leaders to show extra vigilance to stem the growth of extremism.


The Turaki Adamawa expressed sadness that people have been turned to captives of fear because of the spectre of terrorism.


He called for urgent action to attack the roots of terrorism by attacking the ideology.


To attack the ideology, he explained that innocent Muslim disciples should be shielded from the influences of extremist teachers, who might exploit their ignorance and push them into criminal atrocities.


Atiku also expressed his sadness at how a minority group of misguided bigots are giving innocent Muslims a baggage of negative image.

He, however, advised Muslims to continue to pray for the peace of Nigeria.


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