Re: Rivers APC Uncovers Plot by Gov Wike to Blackmail Lloyd, Flag-Amachree

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(Press Statement)
My attention has been drawn to a press statement by the APC in Rivers State alleging blackmail of Ojukaye Flag Amachre and Dr Chidi lloyd and printing of T Shirts with APC logo for the purpose of committing violence.  
My first reaction is that the allegations are baseless, watery, chidish and laughable as the PDP has no time to blackmail men who are already down. If anything, the two of them already have enough headache responding to murder charges against them for which they have been running away from attending the courts. 
The Bench warrant issued against them by the courts is enough blackmail and its understandable if they are developing a fear of an apparition of the PDP.  
On the printing of T shirts, the PDP denies any knowledge of printi g shirts and states that the APC has a reputation for printing fake materials and passing them as authentic. Rivers people cannot forget in a hurry how they were printing INEC result sheets in Isiokpo Street, D/Line, PH in 2016. 
Regarding propensity to perpetrate violence in the State, the APC does not need T shirts to be on their known game. Who does not know in Rivers State that the APC is the purveyor of violence? Which political party in the state had the most rancourous and violent primaries and opening of factional offices if not the APC? Which party organised the blockage of the High Court complex, PH and attacked workers and litigants to prevent judges from sitting if not the APC? So violence runs in their blood vessels like a virus.
When they cook up such lies as they have done now and point accusing fingers like  they are doing to divert attention, the public should expect them to strike from another angle especially as we approach the weekend when their leaders may be visiting PH from Abuja and Lagos. 
No matter how much they divert attention or run away from their shadow, the APC must face the people of Rivers State and tell them what the APC has brought to the state since 2015. We all know the answer, there is nothing to show to the people but hunger, poverty, failed expectations, polluted  environment, abandoned Bonny-Bodo Road , hatred against Rivers State etc.
 Emma Okah
Hon Commissioner for Information and Communications 
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