Russian Plane Crash: Sound of Explosion Heard on the Black Boxes, Says Investigator

An investigator, who had access to the black boxes of Russian airliner that crashed over Sinai on Oct 31, said that sound of explosion was heard on the boxes.

The investigator told French TV station France 2 that the sound was not to be related to a malfunction of the plane engines hinting further to the possibility of an explosive device.

A source close to the case also told AFP that one of the black boxes showed that the plane suffered “a violent, sudden” end.

Speculation had risen over possible terrorist attacks on the Russian plane that crashed over Sinai Peninsula last Saturday.

The U.S. and U.K. earlier this week said that it was ‘likely’ a bomb brought down the plane.

However Russia and Egypt had previously said it was too early to make final conclusions as to the cause of the crash.

Parts of the plane’s wreckage were returned to Moscow this week. Experts are now trying to determine the presence of explosives.


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