Segun Adeniyi, 49 Others Given Award by Chinese Embassy

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By Abraham Olatokunbo


The Chinese Embassy in Nigeria has given an award to the Chair of the Editorial Board, THISDAY Newspapers, Mr.Olusegun Adeniyi and 49 other Nigerians for their contributions toward building the relationship between China and Nigeria.

Among other prominent individuals awarded are Director, Centre for China Studies, Mr. Charles Onunaiju; Editor In Chief, Afri-China Media Centre, Mr. Ikenna Emewu; Professor of Political Science, University of Abuja, Mr. Sheriff Ghali Ibrahim; Head of Protocol, News Agency of Nigeria, Mr. Lawal Sale; Chief Operating Officer, Peoples Daily Newspaper, Mr. Hamid Bello; Editor-in-Chief Diplomats Extra Magazine, Mr. Raphael Oni and Editor-in- Chief Summit Post Newspapers, Mr. Nelson Omonu.

The awards were given to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations between China and Nigeria.

Speaking during the presentation of the awards in Abuja, the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Cui Jianchun, said: “Over the past 50 years, political mutual trust between China and Nigeria has been greatly enhanced, traditional friendship between China and Nigeria has been significantly improved, substantial progress in our win-win cooperation has been made, commercial, cultural and educational exchanges have been further promoted, we are very delighted to see that we have made tremendous achievements in all fields which have greatly benefited our two peoples.”

He said: “There is a saying in English: No Pain, No Gain. Success comes from hard work, commitment turns good wishes into reality. While tasting the sweet fruits of our mutually beneficial cooperation, we should never forget those who worked tirelessly and made valuable contribution to our brotherly relationship. For this reason, the Chinese Embassy specially set up “The Oct. 1st Award of China-Nigeria Friendship” to recognize those outstanding Nigerians for their excellent performance and contributions to strengthening diplomatic ties between both countries.

“Since 2021 witnesses the 50th Anniversary of bilateral ties, the Chinese Embassy will honour 50 “Oct 1st ” Award winners. After reading the list of 50 winners, I’m so happy to see that some are senior Nigerian officials who have been playing very important roles and guaranteeing the China-Nigeria cooperative ship to sail safely and smoothly; some are ordinary teachers who have been working in “China Corners” for many years and Spending their precious time on cultivating talented students; some are journalists known as the uncrowned kings who have reported the amazing fruits of the exchanges and cooperation between our two countries; some are policemen who have been trying their best to bravely guard the safety of Nigerian and Chinese people; some are local celebrities who use their social influence and tireless efforts to enhance mutual understanding between the two peoples, etc… Here I can’t mention them all, I just want to say “Thank you! Congratulations!”

The Ambassador added that: “We always say that a good start is half success. Encouraged by the great success we have made in the past 50 years, we have full confidence that China and Nigeria will definitely work together and unite as one to draw a more beautiful blueprint for the next 50 years!”

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