Senator Marafa: Yari Should Quit as Gov over Continuing Killing in Zamfara

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Senator Kabir Marafa, representing Zamfara Central has blamed the State Assembly as well as the media for the continuous stay of Governor Abdulaziz Yari, in office over what he called, failure of leadership in the state.

Marafa, who spoke to State House Correspondents after observing the Jumat prayer at the Presidential Villa Mosque, described Yari as a man who lacks conscience.

Reacting to the killings in the state including the 11 persons killed during an attack at a viewing centre in Zamfara in the early hours of Thursday, the Senator accused the media of not showing enough concern nor paying much attention to the happenings in the state.

The Senator, who condemned in strong terms Yari’s public resignation as chief security officer of the state, said, “I heap a lot of blame on you the media the way and manner you handled it and number one culprit is the State House of Assembly, if I was a member of the State House of Assembly I would have initiated impeachment of the governor because he lacks conscience, then the media ought to have done much more than what they did.

“This is part of the problem we have as a people.‎ When problems happen in other states they tend to be overblown but when they happen in another state nobody cares and Nigeria is supposed to be seen as one country.

“For a chief executive to come out publicly to say that he has resigned as the chief security officer of a state he or she is supposed to accompany that statement with a resignation. “You cannot be spending state funds on security and lives and property are not safe, number one responsibility of any government is protection of lives and property and any person that cannot protect the lives of people he superintends he or she is supposed to resign.”

Asked if he was calling on the governor to resign, Marafa said, “I don’t have to call on him to resign, this is something that every Nigerian is supposed to say and he himself if he has conscience and he knows what leadership is all about and he is quite knowledgeable in Islam and if he took the teachings of Islam very seriously he would have resigned in the real essence of the word rather than making mere pronouncements that he has resigned as chief security officer.

“You only take the sunny side of a position but the ugly side you say you are not responsible. When it comes to the money of Zamfara state he is the governor of Zamfara state, when it comes to the protection of lives of the people of the state then it is President Muhammadu Buhari that is responsible and the worst thing that I always say is that this is the first person that has unfettered access to the President, now have you been telling the president the truth, this is where the challenge lies. When he comes here he tells you that the president is doing very well, when he goes back to the state he says security is not his responsibility but that of the President and he didn’t do it.”

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