Sokoti Commends Buhari’s Govt for Appointing Tunde Kelani as NFVCB Chairman

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Veteran actor, Adewale Abdulrasak Sokoti in the Yoruba genre of Nollywood has expressed satisfaction over the appointment of Mr. Tunde Kelani as chairman of the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB).
Sokoti equally commended the present administration for taking a bold step by ensuring round pegs were placed in round holes to avoid non-performances as regards designation of portfolio’s to the NFVCB.
“I am happy that this administration has been conscious of the fact that the right people were not allocated the wrong portfolios which translated into their performing poorly to our collective detriment despite their obvious capability,” he said.
He further extended his congratulatory message and kind words to Mrs. Joke Silva and Ekpeyong Bassey as members of the NFVCB.
In a telephone conversation from Ibadan, the movie star passionately said;
“This is novel, first time indeed that our government deemed it so fit to appoint individuals with requisite knowledge, I mean seasoned practitioners in the movie industry into such an important board that is very crucial to our business. Tunde Kelani’s antecedent as ace movie producer who has love and holds the interest of the industry at heart will significantly make the industry witness transformation that is much anticipated by all stakeholders. This worthwhile intervention calls for jubilation”
”I will advice these newly appointed patriots and ambassadors to look at all the challenges of the industry and nip them in the bud. There is need for the promulgation and enforcement of appropriate laws to spur development in the Nigeria movie industry. Moreover, piracy is another scourge that must be checkmated, it is a common enemy for the players in the industry. Though these may not be within their purview but I know they can still make some impact to actualize them.
Producers and marketers expect returns for their works and government must help to make them realize their set objectives so that investors would find the industry more attractive and lucrative. Nollywood is a very vital sector of our society that everybody must support and we urge corporate bodies, financial institutions, government across board, to help us in achieving our dreams” Sokoto stated.
He further appealed to the government to empower Nigeria Copyright Commission so as to have powers that can make it bark and bite and ultimately to rid the industry of characters who are reaping where they never sowed.
His words, “I also want to appeal to the Federal government to please do something very urgent and important on Nigeria copyright commission such that the commission would be fully empowered to be able to enforce copyright law in Nigeria so that our industry can take it’s place of pride and prosper,” he appealed‎.
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