Suswam: Threat Letters to Schools, Not from Boko Haram

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The threat letters purportedly written by the Boko Haram to
some schools in Benue State were not written by Boko Haram, but by mischief makers, the state governor, Gabriel Suswam, has said.

Answering questions from State House correspondents after a meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan, the governor said the way the letters were written showed clearly that they were not from the sect.

He said nevertheless, security has been beefed up in schools in other to protect the students.

“I think that (the letter) was from some mischievous people. The way the letter was couched showed it was from some mischievous elements and not from the quarters that it was purported to have come from. In spite of that, I have taken
adequate measures to protect the lives of our students,” he

Suswam said the security challenges in the state had drastically reduced because of the strategies put in place by his government.

He disclosed that in other to ensure that the crisis in Plateau and Taraba States do not spill over into Benue, he had set up committee made up of herdsmen and farmers.

The Governor expressed the optimism that the peace currently being experienced in the state would be sustained.

It will be recalled that the Principal of Government College, Makurdi, Godfrey Ugudu, was quoted as saying that the school received letters from Boko Haram threatening to abduct boys from the school and marry them to the schoolgirls
abducted in Chibok.

Ugudu was further quoted as saying that the sect, in the May 14 letter, also threatened to attack neighbouring Mount Saint Gabriel Secondary School.

Suswam speaking on the 15 years of democracy in Nigeria said the country would soon pass through its challenges.

He described the hiccups being experienced as mere vibrations that are incapable of bringing down the structure.

He said, “The late Tai Solarin said that when there is vibration, a lot of people confuse it to mean crisis. He said when you are constructing a tall structure that is meant to last for several years, you vibrate.

“You mix cement and concrete and vibrate it. It is not to bring down the structure but to strengthen it.

“What we are experiencing in Nigeria is vibration. We will pass through it. Look at the history of developed countries. They passed through it. We are passing through a phase that requires all of us to be cautious of the things that
we do.

“If this country goes down, it is not PDP alone that will go down. This is not a party issue. All of us must be on the same page on this security issue. We can’t discuss
politics if there is no peace.

“People should not play politics with security matter in the way that I have seen people play politics with Chibok girls. Instead of condemning the animals that are perpetrating these acts, people are condemning the government.

“If people are throwing bombs, kidnapping our children, instead of people to join hands with government, they are demonstrating against government.

“It has become job for the jobless who will gather every day to condemn government instead of condemning the acts itself. People are playing politics with this and it has the tendency and potentials of consuming everybody, not just President Jonathan or the PDP government if we continue the way I have seen some people carrying on.”


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