The Measure of Your Yieldedness… (ll)

Pastor Luke Okoro.
*Pastor Luke Okoro.
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The Sunday Conversation | with  Pastor Luke Okoro | 08. 08. 2021



John 1:35-51; Luke14:33; Mark 1:16-21.16:27-30; Matthew 19:29.


“And when he had called the people unto him with his disciples also, he said unto them: whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross, and follow me’ Mark 8:34.

Another reason why BELIEVERS oppose being fully yielded to God is their private AMBITION. We find it difficult to deny ourselves, our fantastic plans, our glamorous future and our desired expectations.
Ambition is a cherished desire for which a deliberate plan of action is put in place to achieve or to attain . It’s a target to be met, sometimes within a given period of time An ambition can also be one’s career path throughout a life time. Not many people would want their ambitions to be thwarted or truncated as we had earlier discussed under divine interruption. even believers .
Although there’s nothing wrong to pursue an Ambition, however, a yielded soul must be ready to trade such ambition to the will of the Master.
When we become born again, the Bible describes us as SOLDIER (2Timothy2:3)
Ambassador, (2 Corinthians 5:20 and Steward ( 1 Corinthians 4: 1-2).
A deeper reflection on these occupations show that they are not independent on their own. They take orders. They report to superiors. They don’t have a choice to make . Someone else makes their choices, their decisions and directs their movements. The idea of being my ‘OWN person’ doesn’t arise with those engaged in these three occupations likened to a christian.
Therefore as a Christian – Soldier, ambassador and Steward to the Master– the only ambition open to us is to follow the bidding of our LORD and Master. Paul said, a soldier operates to please those who enlisted him. He also said that as ambassador of Christ, we cannot work contrary to our Master’s purpose. Just as the steward looks to the Master’s hand to obey. All three, have their ambitions buried in the WILL of their MASTERS. This is the demand of full Yieldedness. The danger in being ambitious is that it pushes one to doing things inappropriate in order to achieve a desired end. For instance, the Bible tells us that the office of a bishop could be a legitimate desire or aspiration. . But it must be a genuine desire for righteous service unto God, not for greedy lucre or pursuit of vain glory.
. So, what is that ambition that is making you to oppose the will of God for your life?
Am sure Paul had an ambition, but he surrendered it to the ‘Heavenly Vision’ for which he was apprehended. Yes, the two young men– Timothy and Titus– would also have had own ambitions. But both surrendered to God’s ambition: To preach the gospel among their people and to save many from perishing. No doubt there’s no greater ambition than to save the perishing world from SIN, SATAN and SELF. Wiseman King Solomon was right when he quipped in Proverbs 11:30 that he that winneth souls is wise.


While the trait of Self-will is poor for a child of God, it’s still surprising l to see so many believers deep in the habit. They are resolute to pursue their own inclinations, regardless of the opposition or contrary idea or viewpoints.
Yes, any believer with such a disposition will hardly yield to the leading of the Master. It’s no wonder that several Christians are shunning to yield to God’s directive upon their lives to carry out certain assignments for Him. Are you called into Ministry,? Are you called to fund mission works ? Have you been empowered to also raise other generations of christian financiers?
Whereas you are keenly aware of this calling upon your life; and you have been so empowered to carry out the assignment, it’s possible that your self-will and stubborn resolve to keep to your lane is the BALAM in your life. Solomon’s son Rehoboam showed such resolve to suffer his subjects after he was enthroned following Solomon’s death. He never saw those subjects to mistreat. The majority of the kingdom abandoned him. Don’t be so self-willed to the point wherein God will begin to be your opponent. God asked Saul: why are you kicking against the brick? He plainly told him also: I am Christ whom you are opposing.
As a believer, it could be possible that your self-will is indeed an opposition to God’s will for your life.


The Bible says that a sinner does his soul a very hard thing. And that the path of the sinner is terribly difficult . In Psalms 66:18 the Bible notes that God doesn’t answer the prayer of the sinner. A sinner is a wicked person which God had passed a judgement upon: that he will turn their day light into darkness. And also add sand or gravel to their food.
If one refuses to be a child of God , such a person cannot yield to God in complete obedience. This is because obedience goes with the fear of God and faith in Him that He will reward your obedience ( Issiah 1:18-19.). At other times, a believer could be simply self indulgent in sin deliberately.
Cain killed Abel his brother thereby committing the sin of murder. Judas sold Jesus Christ for thirty pieces of SILVER. Both loved sin. They made no effort to avoid it or to repent therefrom. Such people, as some us believers are, don’t have the Yieldedness required to serve God.
Meanwhile, too many believers romance and fantasize sin as either hobby or habit.
For instance, some believers routinely indulge in sexual infidelity and call it their weakness. Some dress to kill and call it fashion. Others eat randomly and call it adventure. Or crass materialism and nammonism for prosperity. These are weights , some of them not necessarily sinful, but will definitely influence a believer’s choices and objective priority in life and ministry. Paul said whatever that had been gain to him had he counted as’ loss for ‘the EXCELLENCY of His name’ . A Song writer noted thus ,: His life He gave for our salvation.
What have you given to Him in return?
Indeed, believers who routinely patronize sin and those who wear weights like a coat of many colors cannot be yielded to God totally because doing so will touch their prized hobbies. But what is the cost of that weight? And how much is the SWEETNESS of that sin? Christ has bought them ALL (Romans 5:1,8) .

5: Lack of Divine Insight.

When a believer lacks divine insight, he or she cannot yield fully to God.
Perhaps, if Esau had divine insight– which is the wisdom that sees afar – he would have known that his birthright was greater than a pot of porridge. If Rueben had had an understanding of the future, he would have appreciated the sanctity of his father’s couch . Both Esau and Reuben lost their prime positions of heirship to their younger brothers. The Bible says where there is no vision, the people perish. Can you compare these two men with those of Issachar who had knowledge of the TIMES, and commanded their other brethren to act with wisdom and foresight and in keeping with the laws and statutues and commandments of their God. (1 Chronicles 12:32.)
Not yielding can indeed be a product of absence of wisdom, spiritual insight and indiscretion. The Bible says that if the WORLD knew, it would not have crucified the Lord of glory, by whose DEATH , the ‘ worlld is saved’. Those who fail to yield are blind to the riches inherent in a life of total obedience to God. Again, think about Moses and Ruth who through their total Yieldedness obtained a name for themselves…


(To be continued next week)

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