Violence in North May Tear Nigeria Apart, Warns Ex-Militant

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Convener, Ex-Niger Delta Militants Revolutionary Front, ‘General’ JohnJohn Bosco Caterpillar,  has declared that Nigeria will be forced to disintegrate if the current trend and wave of violence meted on the nation’s minorities is not checked.
The former militant, who spoke with newsmen in an interview, condemned the attacks on minorities resident in the northern parts of the country whose business and livelihood have been cut short due to the incessant violence, restiveness and bomb blasts which have caused harried migrations and made them refugees in their own country.
Relating the recent waves of attacks by northern Islamic extremists, as planned, to destabilise the government of Goodluck Jonathan in a bid to discredit it and also terrorise it, he said the Niger Delta militants who had willingly decided to surrender their arms will soon be pushed back into violence to defend their kith and kin.
‘General’ Caterpillar further called on security agencies to apprehend the leaders of the north who had through their various inciting comments promoted violence and inhumanity perpetrated in the north.
“We expect that by now the security agencies should have told us the number of people they have arrested for crimes against the state like inciting the people to violence, treason and even terrorism as they have variously supported terrorism and even called for violence through their declaration”, he said.
In his outburst, he announced that the former militants were already regrouping to go back to the creeks to wait for the reaction from the north as well as the security agents who are expected to tame the north and the nation’s provocateurs or else they were ready to continue their armed struggle to emancipate the Niger Delta Region from oppression.
“It has become obvious that war is inevitable because the north sees the country as its property leaving others behind. This we will not accept, I am hereby supporting my Igbo brothers who have called for self-defense. Let everyone who has no form of defence mechanism go and fortify themselves immediately,” he affirmed.
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