When God is Not Mocked

Pastor Luke Okoro.
*Pastor Luke Okoro.
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The Sunday Conversation | with Pastor Luke Okoro | 05. 09. 2021


Galatians 6:7.

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” Galatians 6:7.


Deception is the worst evil any human being can to himself or to herself. Deception epitomizes one’s self hate because it’s a game that doesn’t last for eternity. It has very early expiry date.

What then is deception?

Deception is deliberate falsehood meant to mislead somebody, and to compell or convince them to do the wish of the deceiver. The deceiver is fully aware of the dishonesty involved in the trickery, yet he goes ahead to do it and to also canvas for disciples and converts to follow him or her. We see this happening in religious circles today.

However, the graver worry is the false belief that these deceivers can reach God or lead their adherents to God with their falsehoods. The Bible says that those who do such things must know that they are mocking God, albeit unsuccessfully because God cannot be MOCKED.

What does it mean to Mock God?

Mocking or mockery is an attempt to be contemptuous to somebody. To treat an individual without respect, without honour and without regard. It’s treating a human being as a servant or slave.

Therefore those who are deceivers are saying that God doesn’t have wisdom or brain or understanding or cognitive capacity to determine things and the goings on in the WORLD He had created.


That’s unthinkable, but that’s what deceivers are saying. If not, why would a sinner not seek forgiveness? Why would a fraudster not come to God for repentance?


Why would a prostitute remain in such a terrible state while pretending to be attending Church and possibly making confession routinely without desire to abandon her sinful ways? Or why would a man call himself a Pastor only to be a swindler of God’s people and their resources?


Or, why would somebody claim to be defender of the God who created him, and who has the power to kill and to make alive? There are several people today who are indeed mockers of God because they take their God to be brainless, unwise and lacking in knowledge and understanding. Are you one of such people?


Yes, when we act in ways that appear as though we deny the existence, presence and awareness of God, we mock Him. It’s important the BELIEVER is made conscious of this basic truth so that they don’t join those who treat God with contempt. Those who mock God lack wisdom. And God has a day with them as Hebrews 9:27 affirms. No wonder the Scripture tells us that the way of the sinner is HARD. It’s hard because the sinner foolishly thinks that he is dealing with a man in flesh like himself. Take a sampler.


In Acts 5, a man called Annanias, a disciple of Jesus in the days of the early Church, sold a land willingly. He followed a tradition of the early Church. Some others had done it before him. They all brought the whole proceeds to the Apostles to be distributed communally. However, Annanias and his wife Sapphira conspired to deceive by lying to the Apostles that he brought all the money. Their lying was considered a mockery to God. The Holy Ghost used them to teach how not to be a Christ follower in the days of the early Church. The couple died.


The case of Achan in Joshua 7 is similar as recorded in the Old Testament.
Gallant soldier Achan had gone to war with other soldiers. But he did more than soldiering. He stole items that should not be touched. He paid himself salary from war bounty contrary to the instruction given to Joshua by Jehovah Almighty. He paid dearly for this indiscretion as his heritage was wiped away forever. This is the greatest challenge of people in UNIFORM. As a Christian brother in the armed forces and paramilitary forces, be guided by the rules of engagement. Let your wages be adequate for you. Seek legitimate means of augmentation. As a child of God you must not compromise righteousness to make ends meet.


Today, we see many believers who act in manners of mockery against God. Think of church workers who indulge in lies, cheating and manipulating of church accounts and record books?
Think of Christians who show little commitment to the defence of their faith, their salvation which is purchased by the precious blood of Jesus, their marriage vows and their relationship with God?
When you do little or nothing in the face of these satanic chicaneries against your faith, you are violating the principle of kingdom engagement with your Saviour. Jesus told His disciples: Anyone who does not gather with me, scatters. Deceivers and mockers don’t gather with Jesus. They mock Him. As a believer, do you mock Him? Don’t forget that His eyes are everywhere. And that He searches the intents and hearts of all men. And that before Him nothing is hidden. Yet, there’s still opportunity for one to genuinely turn to Him for repentance, salvation and eternal deliverance through His Son Jesus Christ. Those who reject His call to: ‘come unto Me’, also mock Him. Don’t be among the mockers? It’s a hard path to tread.


Kindly share. God bless you.


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