Wike, Nwakaudu’s Fear of Dakuku Peterside and Need for Sanity 

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By Dakuku Peterside Media Team
How does one help a stray dog that refuses to be guided home? How else do you tell a deaf man that the market is over even though he is seeing people going home? These and many more are the kinds of questions fitting for one Simeon Nwakaudu, a discredited loudspeaker for Governor Nyesom Wike.

In a repetition of old tales that have often been ignored for having no value and lacking discerning thoughts, Nwakaudu out of joblessness has yet written another watery effort that seeks to outdo his previous inglorious misfits, all in an attempt to drag Dr Dakuku Peterside’s towering image to the mud. 
Were he close to average in his intelligence and thought process, he would have known that not even his master, Nyesom Wike has the credentials to question the depth, intelligence, posture and being of Dr Dakuku Peterside, who is symbol of integrity and performance in public service and as at today, speaks for Africa as far as maritime activities are concerned. 
In his latest ranting, the governor’s lapdog chose to focus on recent statements made by Dr Peterside during his birthday celebration, where he spoke truth to Governor Wike to rise above being petty, visionless and deceitful and, work towards a peaceful and prosperous state.
Dr Peterside spoke the minds of Rivers people, including high ranking members of Wike’s government, who are visibly tired of an administration that is owing pensioners for the past three years, not promoted a single civil servant since 2015, that has abandoned Rivers students abroad, that awards contracts against all known procurement laws of the state, that has some of the highest unemployment figures in the country among others. Wike he said represents everything but transparency and accountability. 
It is on record that no commissioner in Wike’s government knows the value of any project under their respective ministries, just as no one has seen the state’s budget since 2016. Contracts are awarded by the fiat of the governor, an action that has stalled many initiatives and rendered cabinet members as mere appendages. The governor has absolutely no program to address job creation in the state. These were the issues for which Wike had no response and cannot have a response. 
And just to show the shallowness of Nwakaudu, he made reference to the online version of Dakuku’s statements as reported by The Nation newspaper, wherein readers responded to issues as raised. Out of over 100 responses, the governor’s mouthpiece quoted just about four persons and conveniently forgot the damning verdict by majority of the respondents. 
And how else can you prove that Wike has been rejected even by his party members in Rivers State and beyond than when he failed woefully to ensure the success of his preferred candidate during the party’s presidential primary held right in his backyard in Port Harcourt.
Nwakaudu and his master’s obsession with the Rt Hon Chibuike Amaechi, the Honourable Minister of Transportation are legendary. While the Minister is capable of responding adequately, it bears no saying that Wike and Nwakaudu’s generation can never rise to the stature of Rotimi Amaechi.
Just a snippet, Amaechi’s government in one single day employed over 13,000 teachers. Wike in three years has sacked close to 10,000 direct and indirect workers without employing a single worker.
His recent noise about employment turned out to be deceit that has been the Hallmark of his administration.
Since Nwakaudu has a poor sense of history, he should go and find out under whose tenure the major roads in Wike’s village were fixed. We will not say more than that as Rivers people know that Dakuku’s tenure as Rivers Commissioner for Works remains unparalleled.
As for the stewardship of Dr Dakuku Peterside at NIMASA, the jury has been out since, both from within and without. From President Muhammadu Buhari to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), from the National Assembly to stakeholders, accolades have poured in for a man who has turned around the maritime industry in Nigeria yet remained humble.
From near obscurity, NIMASA today is regarded worldwide, with partnerships, cooperation, support and deals sealed with International and multilateral organisations.
Nwakaudu is small fry to attempt to mudsling Dr Dakuku Peterside, who Rivers people love and still continue to say had his mandate not been stolen in 2015 by the forces of darkness, the state would by now be rubbing shoulders with Lagos and others across the continent.
According to Israelmore Ayivor, “21st-century leaders use their brain cells more than their muscle tissues.” Wike’s muscle has done more harm than good to the state and it is high time he focuses on creativity.
We hope that Wike and his boy will understand the import of this statement and do the needful.

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