Woman: ‘My Fiancé Impregnated Me, Married another Woman’

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A secondary school graduate, Ella Egwu , on Friday told an Nyanya Customary Court, Abuja, that her fiancé, impregnated her and married another woman.

Ella, the petitioner, stated this in the petition she filed against Abo Egwu, her husband.

“When I was in the secondary school, I started this relationship with Mr Abo Egwu, who promised to marry me

“After my secondary education in 2008, the relationship continued, then I got pregnant for him.

“When I told him about the pregnancy, he said I should move into his house since I was living alone

“Four months into the pregnancy, he asked me to abort the baby, he even brought one man to perform the abortion on me but I refused, because I don’t want to die.

“When the pregnancy was eight months old, my fiancé married another woman, due to the shock from this, I was hospitalised for two weeks,” she said.

The petitioner also told the court that her fiancé followed her to her village and did some marital rites on her, promising her people that after the birth of her child, the remaining rites will be done.

“After the birth of my baby, I told my husband to go to my village for the remaining part of the marital rites, he refused.

“He has not been taking care of me and the baby,” she said.

She prayed the court for disengagement of the relationship and custody of baby.

She also prayed the court to order the respondent to take full responsibility of the baby.

The respondent, Abo Egwu, denied some of the allegations.

The judge, Jemilu Jega, advised the parties to try and reconcile, saying that he had handled cases with more complicated issues than theirs, that was reconciled at the end of the day.

He adjourned the case until May 17, for report of settlement or hearing.

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