Zuma, in Nigeria, Canvasses Reform of UN Organs

President Jacob Zuma of South Africa has called for reform of United Nations Security Council and other UN institutions and international bodies to reflect the need of Africa.

Zuma made the call while addressing a joint session of Nigeria’s National Assembly in Abuja on Tuesday.
He said that South Africa and Nigeria were strategic partners in the pursuance of the African Agenda, South-South Cooperation and in the promotion of a rules-based International System.
“Both countries share a common vision on issues of political integration in Africa and on the need for a sustainable conflict resolution mechanism in Africa that is primarily driven by Africans.
“At the global sphere, we share a common vision on the need for the reform of the multilateral institutions such as the United Nations, particularly the UN Security Council.
“We share the views about the reform of the international financial institutions, the IMF, the World Trade Organisation and the World Bank to be more reflective of the realities of the changing international environment.
“Our two countries must continue to advocate for rules-based international system and must unite and work together in this regard in order to achieve a more just and equal world,” he said.
Zuma said that South Africa, which had been re-elected into the Peace and Security Council of the African Union, would support Nigeria in actualising the goals of the AU Peace and Security Council.
He said that both countries must unite and work together on the issues of peace and security in the continent.
“This should include the bringing into operation of the standby forces; we commit ourselves to playing our part to achieve this.
“Let the citizens of Africa march together to defeat all those forces that bring harm and suffering.
“Let the citizens of the continent march together towards a brighter future, a future filled with prosperity and happiness.
“South Africa and Nigeria, acting together in unity, must play a key role towards the achievement of these goals,’’ he said.
He stressed that creating a stable and peaceful environment in Africa was a prerequisite to attracting more foreign direct investment to develop African economies.
Zuma added that South Africa and Nigeria’s experience in the peaceful settlement of disputes, peace building and peace keeping missions was of utmost importance for progress in Africa.

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